Nov 24

A Tip If You Travel Often

hotel – fire – preventionIf you travel often as I do it’s likely you will come across the one or the other “not so great” hotel. Sometimes, what you see on a website or in a magazine is far from the harsh reality once you arrive at your travel destination.

What’s an amazing palace on paper can sometimes turn out to be a shabby hole. The problem is that many times you won’t have a choice but to stay since there are are no other options for better accommodations close-by.

While an uncomfortable bed, ugly wallpapers or a non-functioning TV wouldn’t really be a major issue for the hardened world traveler it’s a different story when looking at safety and security while you have to stay at such places.

Some of the hotels I already had to stay in lacked even the most essential things such as fire alarms or easily accessible emergency exits.

Here I can give you a tip:

Take a portable smoke alarm with you at all times!! This can be a conventional smoke alarm that’s normally going up on home’s ceilings, like the smoke alarms  who can find in any do-it-yourself store today. It doesn’t matter. Smoke alarms are not big and they can fit in your suitcase easily together with a fresh set of batteries.

If you feel that the fire safety in the hotel you need to stay is severely lacking you can simply place the smoke alarm on a cupboard or table or fix it to the ceiling with double sided tape. It’s really easy to do.

Obviously, your portable smoke alarm can not prevent fires from breaking out but it can help make you a little bit safer during your travels.

For more information on fire safety whether it be for your own home or during your travels I recommend you see Argos Fire, the U.K.’s specialists for the Ansul and other modern fire prevention systems.

Nov 24

On Golf Bracelets

You might have wondered already why a good number of professional golfers today can be seen wearing some type of bracelet. Here in this post I want to let you know what this is about.

Those bracelets are not simply fashion accessories.

In fact it wouldn’t make much sense if golfers would play wearing traditional jewellery since normal jewellery may obviously hinder them while playing without providing any obvious advantage.

Those bracelets you see worn by many of today’s top golfers are ionic bracelets or magnetic bracelets, so called golf bracelets. What is this all about?

In recent years, scientific studies had been conducted that found that magnetic jewellery and their ionic brothers and sisters can provide real benefits for our health. Magnetic bands, for instance, have found to be effective in relieving or even preventing joint and muscle mains.

Ionic golf bracelets, also called ionic power bands have also been found beneficial with their ability to create many thousands of negative ions per second. They have been observed being able to increase focus and energy levels.

It is for those above reasons that many athletes, golfers in particular today wear such bracelets. They can help to prevent wrist pains but can also be beneficial for improving your game and golf swing by improving focus and energy.

Common Golf Bracelet Types

The most common golf bracelet available today is the negative ion bracelet, also called power band. Those are normally arm bands made from stretchy silicone. The ability to produce negative ions comes from the fact that crushed turmaline is mixed into the material for the armband. Turmaline is a natural gem stone that is known to produce negative ions. In addition, those bands are very light,  water proof and cannot slide or fall off.

Other types of gold bracelet combine the ability to produce negative ions with the benefits of magnetic bands. Those bands have magnets as well which means they are ionic and magnetic at the same time. With such a combined golf band you’re getting the best of the two worlds. I recommend those types of bands to anyone who is serious about golf.

Oct 15

Your Children’s Education And Sports

school-sportsFor many families in the United Kingdom, sports plays an important role for the education of their children. It is known that activities such as team sports can teach children traits such as responsibility and leadership. But sports activities will have many more benefits. They can be a welcomed change to the daily learning routine in school and of course there will also greatly benefit the children’s overall health and well-being.

Unfortunately, in many public schools in the UK sports can be rather underrepresented. Some schools don’t even offer teams for certain sports such as as football or cricket.

Better choices when it comes to sports and sporty activities are often among the reasons why increasingly more people in our nation choose private schools for their children. Some of the better private schools in the UK have a wonderful way to combine those activities with their standard curriculum and can provide the children a good balance of traditional education with sports.

If you are considering private schooling for your children and sports is important for your family, make sure that the school in question can offer you those activities. Not all independent schools in the UK are the same in this regard. In the same way as is the case in public schools, some private schools may not offer a lot in this regard.

My tip is that you should always obtain as much information you can get before you make a decision about your children’s education. Call up the school in question and ask them what priority sport has for them. Does the school offer its own sports facilities? Ask them whether they have teams for those sports your children like. This can be good way to decide whether the school will be suitable for your children.

I always recommend the Kingshottschool because it is a good independent school in Hertfordshire. If you happen to reside in that area you should definitely consider them. As for other locations in UK, you shouldn’t have problems finding a suitable school that offers a variety of sports if you just take your time deciding.

May 31

Combining A Great Holiday With Your Passion For Sports

Two of those things in life that certainly most of us enjoy would be their holidays and sports. It is for that reason that it makes sense to think about combining those two great things. What could be better than traveling to one of the many exciting holiday destinations while at the same time being able to enjoy your favourite kind of sports or activity?

water-sports-holidaySome examples of this would be going on a trekking or biking holiday, or visiting all those fantastic golf courses abroad that you can today find in France, Italy or Spain.

What you want to do on your holiday will obviously depend on your individual preferences and likes.

Some people may be happy if they can relax in the sun while others may want to venture out to explore.

Combining your holiday with sporty activities however can be great way to have fun and to relax since you won’t be obligated to participate in Olympic disciplines that would be exhausting and demanding.

A bike tour through a great landscape can indeed be rather relaxing us long as you don’t overdo it. Likewise you don’t have to run a marathon but can simply prefer walk at a comfortable speed if you want to explore attractions. And there are certainly nothing to say against a few relaxing rounds in the pool!

If you plan to go on holidays any time soon, I recommend that you see the various offers available today. Some of those vacation packages may be just what you want if you like it more on the active side during your holiday. Holiday packages available today may include things such as bike rentals or golf equipment which means that those vacation providers will take all the hassles of your hands. You will arrive at your favourite holiday destination and can start with all the fun right away!



May 30

Some Betting Tips If You Love Horse Racing

Horse racing is not only popular in the United Kingdom although our nation has arguably the most people interesting in it today. Thousands of people enjoy the races each week. They can be a big thrill especially when people bet some of their money in the hopes to win it big. Needless to say, most of the folks however will not win and if they do it is simply by pure luck.

horse-racing-uk-2With good horse racing tips, all those people could dramatically increase their chances. The problem here is only that most people do not know about those betting tips.

Obviously, the bookkeepers do not have a big interest that those tips that actually work become common knowledge since it would mean they would be out of business if that ever were to happen.

Normally, a horse racing tipster that would have figured out a solid betting system would do good to be quiet about it to not draw the attention of bookkeepers all over the nation.

In some cases this won’t work since it is not exactly easy to hide constant and extraordinary large winnings. This is exactly what happened with Bob Rothman who created such a better system 20 years ago. It did not take too long until he was banned from most horse racing tracks in the United Kingdom.

While what happened to Mr. Rothman is certainly regrettable, it also resulted in something very positive. Because what he did was that he started providing his excellent horse racing tips that to others sort of as a revenge from being banned from the British horse racing scene.

He is now regarded as the U.K.’s number one horse racing tipster that can provide anyone who is interested in-depth horse racing advice and tips that actually work. Bob is providing the service for a low fee and his solid gambling and betting tips helped already ready many people in the United Kingdom to win at the races. If you are interested in horseracing in the UK you will should definitely check out his website.