Mar 24

Flame Cameras for Sports Events

In previous times, fire safety in particular for sporting events or doors or in large venues had been a problem. This becomes clear if one realises that traditional fire detection systems such as smoke detectors can only reliable work in smaller, enclosed rooms and are unsuitable for anything else.

This however has changed with the advent of digital fire detection systems, particular flame cameras.

Flame cameras can now efficiently detect fires in all such places were fired and actually previously been difficult if not impossible, and this includes sports events held in stadiums or outdoors.

How Do Flame Cameras Work?

Unlike smoke detectors which work by detecting smoke or heat, a flame camera work by analysing a video feed. This way, the advanced digital imaging processing software built into the flame camera can detect smoke or fire in real-time.

The advantages for this method of fire detection are many:

The biggest benefit of a flame cameras obviously that it can detect a fire also across a divided distance, which makes these fire detection systems suitable also for the outdoors.  Think about soccer fields, sports stadiums, forests or large industrial complexes from oil rigs to manufacturing plants, just to name a few.

Furthermore, flame cameras are normally also having the ability to automatically alert the fire brigade when they detect a fire. This way, they can be used for efficient and reliable detection around the clock.

Yet another advantage of a flame camera is that they can seamlessly be integrated into existing CCTV systems, which are commonplace in particular in sports venues. Operators of such venues can simply replace existing cameras with fire cameras to enjoy all the benefits in addition to their ability to function as normal CCTV cameras